I will fight to ensure our children are guaranteed the right start in life by working to provide all Wicomico children universal preschool. ​We also need to work to provide free college tuition for all.


We must absolutely get our rising healthcare costs under control, from premiums to prescription drug prices. Medicare for All is the only solution to this crisis that impacts all our citizens.


Across the county, there are families struggling to make ends meet. We need a livable wage to have a thriving economy and unions to fight to protect workers from corporate interests.


Our county needs to invest in and support renewable energy in ways that will improve our quality of living and create good paying jobs. We need to fight climate change locally by preparing for sea levels rising and do all we can to preserve our local environment from pollution and over-development.


As the daughter of an immigrant, I know how valuable our acceptance of immigrants is. Our community must protect those that come to our shores seeking opportunity and help these families contribute to the rich fabric that made this country what it is today.

Civil Rights

Our community is stronger when it embraces diversity. We must stand with those who have faced discrimination and move forward to begin healing divisions instead of keeping wounds open.

Women's Health

I am 100% pro-choice and will fight to keep the right to abortion safe and legal.